Section 1 General Provisions

1. The Society for Gastrointestinal Oncology of the Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyně (hereinafter SGO) is a voluntary professional society bringing together physicians and other workers taking part in prevention, diagnostics, treatment and/or research of oncological diseases in the digestive tract.

2. The SGO operates as an independent organisational unit under the Czech Medical Association of Jan Evangelista Purkyně (hereinafter the CMA JEP). In its internal organisational and professional activities, the SGO is governed by the Statutes and Rules of Procedure of the CMA JEP.

3. The SGO operates inside the Czech Republic. It is headquartered in Prague.

4. The SGO is a member of international professional associations (European Society of Digestive Oncology – ESDO) and supports the development of international relations.

5. Various professional sections (PS) and working groups (WG) work under the SGO.

Section 2 Forms of Activity

1. The SGO holds and organises domestic and international educational events (congresses, symposia, conferences, lectures, seminars, courses and the like).

2. Through delegated representatives, the SGO participates in selection, concourse, attestment, accreditation and other similar procedures. It also takes part in the activities of consultation bodies and institutions dealing with health-care issues.

3. The SGO performs professional and consultancy activities.

4. The SGO is entitled to carry out supplementary economic activity.

5. In order to carry out gainful activity, the SGO can found commercial or other companies, or take part in their activities.

Section 3 Organisational Structure

1. The SGO’s bodies are: the Members’ Assembly, the Board and the Review Committee. The make-up and function of these bodies is governed by Sections 6, 7 and 8 of the Statutes of the CMA JEP.

2. The Members’ Assembly

a) The Members’ Assembly is the highest body of the SGO; it is convened by the Board as needed, at least once a year. It can be convened at any time when at least half of the SGO or Review Committee members so request. The time and place of the Members’ Assembly must be published by the SGO Board at least 15 days before it is to take place.

b) The right to participate in the Members’ Assembly is governed by the SGO Rules of Procedure.

c) The Members’ Assembly votes and recalls:

• the SGO Board

• the SGO Review Committee

d) The Members’ Assembly has the following authorities in particular:

• to approve, modify or abolish SGO regulations

• to approve the report on activity in the previous period, the budget, the Review Committee report and the basic directions of the SGO’s activity

e) The exact make-up and function of the Members’ Assembly is governed by Section 6 of the CMA JEP Statutes.

3. The Board

a) The Board is the managing and executive body of the SGO. The Board has at least three members. It is convened by the Chair, Vice-Chair or other Board member so authorised in writing. The members of the Board are elected by the Members’ Assembly for a four-year period as per the Electoral Regulations of the CMA JEP.

b) The following are the chief duties of the SGO Board:

• to convene and organise sessions of the Members’ Assembly; to implement the resolutions thereof and to deal with general matters between sessions

• to regularly inform SGO members of activities

• to deal with issues related to SGO accounting

• to keep documentation and assemble the report on activity

c) The SGO Board has the following authorities in particular:

• to elect its Chair, Vice-Chair(s), Academic Secretary, Treasurer and other functionaries from among its ranks

• to delegate SGO representatives for meetings of the CMA JEP, consulting boards, committees and other bodies

• to decide on the internal division of the SGO

• to create the SGO consulting bodies

• to decide on the amount of member dues and to present this decision to the Members’ Assembly

d) The Board Chair:

• is the SGO’s representative and acts on its behalf

• can make operative decisions that must be presented to the Board at its next meeting

• is responsible for managing the entrusted finances and material assets of the SGO

e) The exact make-up and function of the Board is governed by Section 7 of the CMA JEP Statutes.

4. The Review Committee

a) The Review Committee is the SGO’s oversight body. The Committee has a minimum of 3 members who are elected by the Members’ Assembly for a four-year period in accordance with the Electoral Regulations of the CMA JEP. The members of the Review Committee elect a Chair from among their ranks, who directs their activity.

b) The following are the chief duties of the SGO Review Committee:

• to oversee the activities of the SGO members and bodies

• to put together a review report at least once per year

c) The Review Committee has the following authorities in particular:

• to take part in meetings of SGO bodies through its Chair or delegated member

• to suspend a decision by the SGO Board if it is in violation of the law or regulations of the CMA JEP or SGO. The suspended decision shall be submitted to the SGO Board for a new decision that shall be final on the matter in question.

• the SGO Review Committee is entitled to request that the SGO Members’ Assembly be convened

d) The exact make-up and function of the Review Committee is governed by Section 8 of the CMA JEP Statutes.

Section 4 Membership

1. Membership in the SGO can be full or honourable

2. Full Membership

a) Any physician or other employee in health care or related field who agrees with the mission and goals of the SGO and commits to contribute to the fulfilment thereof is eligible for full membership in the SGO. A legal person can also be a full member.

b) Full membership in the SGO arises with the approval of the applicant’s written application by the SGO Board and the payment of membership dues to the CMA JEP and SGO. The amount of membership dues is set each year by the SGO Board and approved by the Members’ Assembly.

c) Full membership in the SGO ceases with

• the death of the member or dissolution of a legal person

• resignation based on a written declaration

• dissolution of the SGO

• annulment of membership, primarily for failure to fulfil membership obligations

d) The rights of a full member:

• to take part in SGO activities

• to elect representatives to SGO bodies

• to be informed on the activities of the SGO

• to freely express opinions, suggestions or observations on the activities of the SGO

e) Responsibilities of a full member:

• to uphold the regulations of the CMA JEP and SGO

• to contribute to fulfilling the mission and goals of the CMA JEP and SGO. Not to do anything that goes against the interests and good name of the CMA JEP and SGO.

• to pay the set membership dues duly and on time

• to duly carry out any delegated functions

f) Should an SGO member fail to pay membership dues two years in a row, they shall be removed from the records and the SGO Academic Secretary shall inform the Board thereof.

g) Other conditions of full membership and the rights and responsibilities of a full member are governed by Sections 16, 17 and 18 of the CMA JEP Statutes.

3. Honourable Membership

a) Any person of exceptional merit in the development of medical science, particularly in the field of digestive oncology, is eligible to become an honourable member of the SGO.

b) The conditions of honourable membership are governed by Section 20 of the CMA JEP Statutes.

Section 5 Assets and Economic Management

1. The SGO administers its assets independently and manages its resources according to an annual budget.

2. The SGO’s income comprises of:

a) membership dues

b) grants and donations

c) other income, e.g. revenue from events and the activities of commercial companies which it has founded or in which it takes part

3. Assets are designated for fulfilling the tasks arising from the SGO Statutes.

4. The economic management of the SGO is governed by the generally binding legislation.

5. Issues of assets and economic management are governed by Section 21 of the CMA JEP Statutes.

Section 6 Dissolution of the SGO

1. The SGO shall cease to exist through voluntary dissolution, division, amalgamation or incorporation

2. By a decision on dissolution, if the activity of the SGO is in violation of the generally binding legislation or regulations of the CMA JEP, if the professional or other activity of the SGO damages the good name of the CMA JEP, or for other compelling reasons.

3. The dissolution of the SGO shall be decided by:

a) the SGO Members’ Assembly

b) the CMA JEP board of directors

4. With the dissolution of the SGO, the CMA JEP board of directors shall appoint a committee, which shall resolve asset issues along with the CMA JEP secretariat.

5. The conditions for the SGO’s dissolution are governed in further detail by Sections 22 and 23 of the CMA JEP Statutes.

Section 7 Final Provisions

1. In the case of conflicting interpretation of the statutes, the Board shall request an analysis and statement from the Review Committee. The Board shall then decide in a vote.

2. These statutes were approved by the SGO Board on 15 March 2011 and take effect on the day they are approved by the CMA JEP.


In Prague, 15 March 2011 Prof. Miroslav Zavoral, M.D., Ph.D.
Chair of the SGO CMA JEP